About Crystal Industries

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Crystal Industries was the outcome of two separate entities merging their talents and expertise. Kevin Anthony of the former MTA Industries and James (Jim) Mark of the former Crystal Fab united in the year 2000 after being introduced through a mutual friend. Jim had ventured out on his own to start his company after leaving the RV industry, while Kevin had left his job as a sales manager for a tubing fabricator to also pursue a dream of owning his own business. Both Jim and Kevin were well versed in supplying parts for the RV and bus markets. In addition to that, Jim had 20 years of experience in the manufacturing sector of the industry. His experience was complemented by Kevin's business degree and his sales background with the RV and bus industries.

With a small location in Elkhart and only seven full-time employees, Crystal Industries initially outsourced the majority of the products that they sold. Over time, it acquired the machinery and technology to manufacture the products internally. Most of the machinery was purchased at auctions in order to keep startup costs low.

Since its inception in 2000, Crystal Industries has progressed with a new, expansive location in Elkhart and 80 full-time employees. The company has expanded its space from the original 5,000 square feet to over 55,000 square feet. The progression comes as a result of continually working to build relationships while also working to maintain a substantial reputation in the industry and area. Throughout the development and expansion of the company, Crystal Industries has held steadfast to its goal: to supply a quality product at a fair price.